"Sykhiv" is a photo story about the "sleeping" district of the same name in the city of Lviv in Ukraine. The project was shot in 2018-2020. The idea is to show the audience the life of one of the districts of the city, which is far from the tourist "glitz". At the same time, it is so real, alive and close to many Ukrainians.
Lviv is known for its rich history, architecture, cathedrals and stone houses, coffee and chocolate, it is one of the most touristic cities in Ukraine. But there is another Lviv, where you will not meet crowds of tourists, but in which life exists in parallel. This is the youngest and largest district of Lviv - Sykhiv. I was born and raised here.
When I started working on this series in 2018, I wanted to document the life of the neighborhood and have time to react to all the rapid dynamic changes that are happening in our society. I went more and more into my memories, trying to preserve them, but already in the realities of our present.
The camera gives you the opportunity to see a lot of new things in familiar streets and find interesting nooks and crannies you haven't visited before. And light sometimes turns ordinary things into magical ones, and even painfully familiar places look different.