Theater Lesi

   More than a hundred years ago, this large and spacious building was designed and built as a theater, and for a few months, I got access to all its intricate corridors, rooms, lockers and smoking rooms at any time. 

   I tried to make it unnoticeable to people who fill the theatrical space so that they would remain as natural as possible in my day-to-day work. I didn’t care who to shoot: whether it was a leading actor, or a makeup artist, or a watchman. The main thing is that there were no non-theater actors in the frame, so I avoided viewers and outsiders.

   I divided the visual language of the series into two parts. The first is the space of a theater that lives its own life. Even old walls and interior details tell his story. And the second part is the people who fill this space.

   First of all, I wanted to convey the atmosphere of the theater. That’s why I avoided days of performances, I slowly immersed in the theatrical everyday life, which is probably ninety percent of the theater’s life.